Lihou Reef

In the Coral Sea there is the inappropriately named Lihou Reef. Lihou Reefs is a more accurate name for this location. This site is made up of over twenty-five reefs and cays.

The islands and reefs sit upon the rim of this enormous coral atoll. The 60-mile length and 20-mile width make this the largest atoll in the Coral Sea Marine Reserve. The centre of this huge atoll is navigable and has an average depth around 40 metres.

As a location to visit, Lihou Reef is one of the most impressive in the world. A person could spend a lifetime at Lihou Reef and still find something new and impressive every day.


A cay at Lihou Reef

Turtle Island

One impressive island in the Lihou cluster is Turtle Island. This island is home to a decommissioned automatic weather station.

What makes Turtle Island stand out is that it is one of few places in the Lihou area that has vegetation.

Lihou Weather Station


Queen Christina

Lihou Reef is also home to the wreck of the Queen Christina. In 1898, the Queen Christina came to rest on Lihou Reef. In a time with no radio, the crew fashioned a sail rig to an open life raft. Furthermore, the team made a 300 nautical mile mission to the mainland to raise awareness.

Wreck of the Queen Christina


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