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$4400.00 PD

Beyond the reach of the day boats, the Ribbon Reefs, remote location, is home to some of the best dive sites on the Great Barrier Reef.

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Reaching from, Lady Eliot Island in the south to Torres Straight in the north. There is a huge array of reef chains such as the Swains Reefs, Capricorn Bunker reefs, Whitsunday Island Reefs. But the Jewel in the crown are the Ribbon Reefs.

To the north of Cairns and Port Douglas lies a 100 nautical mile chain of coral reefs known as ‘The Ribbon Reefs’. Beyond the reach of the day boats, the Ribbon Reefs, remote location, is home to some of the best dive sites on the Great Barrier Reef. It is indisputable the planet’s most complex and extensive reef system.

Declared a World Heritage area in 1981 and added to the National Heritage List in 2007, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the natural wonders of the world.


Starting at Port Douglas and finishing to the east of Lizard Island, the Ribbon Reefs are stunning. Fringing the edge of the continental shelf, this stretch of the Great Barrier Reef lies in a remote region of North Queensland and is only accessible by live-aboard charter. Relatively isolated, these reefs support a huge range of biodiversity from the giant clam to sharks and rays.

Reef formations include beds of huge plate corals, isolated pinnacles, walls, channels, caves, canyons and shallow coral gardens. The beauty of the coral can only be surpassed by the fish life and to get up close and personal, nothing beats scuba diving the Cod Hole located at the top of Ribbon 10.

Enjoy a Coral Sea adventure

Bianca charters M.V. Phoenix is one the very few vessels in Queensland with the necessary 1A Survey, AMSA Determinations, and permits to visit all of the Australian Coral Sea reefs and islands.

Beyond the continental shelf that harbours the Great Barrier Reef, lie the isolated reef systems and crystal clear waters of Australia’s Coral Sea. The region covers over half a million square Miles and is soon to become the worlds largest Marine Park.
Known for its outstanding Marine life and underwater mountain terrain there is no other place on earth like it. The spectacular scenery above the water and beauty of the many island cays with tens of thousands of birds can only be surpassed by the beauty of scuba diving below the watery surface.

Meals, prepare to indulge!

Adjacent to the saloon is the galley where our on board Chef converts fresh food into scrumptious meals. A menu of fresh seafood steak and modern cuisine form the basis of our 3 cooked meals per day menu, along with sumptuous snacks and tasting plates throughout the day.

  • 2 × Bauer compressors
  • A variety of SCUBA Tanks
  • Weights
  • Regulators
  • B.C.D’s
  • Mask Fins snorkel
  • Stinger suits
  • Wet-suits
  • Accommodation includes linen & towels
  • All meals (please advise special dietary requirements.)
  • Fresh ground cappuccino Coffee from our barista, soft drinks
  • Dive equipment supplied
  • All air fills
  • All fuel (no fuel surcharge)
  • Use of tenders
  • Stinger suits and short wet-suits
  • Reef Tax
  • Sunscreen
  • Dive master services

Departing Port Douglas we have you in the water by morning tea. Spending the next 4 days the many locations of the Ribbon reefs and returning to Port Douglas on the evening of the 4th day of diving, with departures from the vessel on the 5th day.

  • With up to 4 Dives a day this is a 16 dive trip.
  • 5 nights accommodation

$2,000 p.p.

Known for its Clear water, which is very rarely less than 30m and up to 80m visibility, The Coral Sea Reefs offers an idyllic safe anchorage and diving 1000 metre walls and stunning coral can only be surpassed by the abundance of fish life.

We move around the various locations of this vast Reef complex to suit the type of diving you like. The Great Barrier Reef is not left out of this picture either. We regularly visit places such as the cod hole. We can discuss an exact itinerary with you. With locations such as Osprey Reef for its sharks, Bougainville Reef for its 1000 metre Coral walls, or Holmes Reef for its crystal clear water. This is a world class cruise of discovery.

  • With up to 4 Dives a day this is a 28 dive trip.
  • 8 nights accommodation

$3,500 p.p.

Extend to a 10 Day charter and receive your 10th day for free

Imagine all of the fantastic location as a 7 day charter with an extra 3 days. (you only pay for 9) This means we can either visit more sites or spend extra days at your favourite, so if you just completed the best dive of your life and had the wrong lens on your camera or just want to see it all again we have the opportunity. 10 days in the Coral Sea allows us the time to visit some of the worlds most remote Dive Locations, The list is far too big for this page, so please give me a call and talk direct to the ships master to discuss you personal itineraries and I am sure I will impress.

$4,500 p.p. for ten days. The 10th day is free

  • With up to 4 Dives a day this is a 40 dive trip.
  • 11 nights accommodation

Private charters: anywhere, anytime, any duration can be arranged and attract special rates.
$500 p p max 10, min charge 8 people.
Please contact us for further information…

  • Proof of dive certification
  • Personal dive equipment
  • Dive computers
  • Cameras
  • Clothes (Casual)
  • Diver certification
  • U/W Torches
  • U/W Cameras
  • Swim Suits
  • Travel Insurance (Recommended)
  • B.Y.O. Alcohol (purchased at local bottle shops and delivered to the ship)

Osprey Reef

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Ribbon Reef № 7

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Cod Hole

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We also visit

  • Osprey Reef
  • Bougainville Reef
  • Holmes Reef
  • Flinders Reef
  • Marion Reef
  • Lih Hou Reef
  • Fredrick Reef
  • Cato Reef
  • Willis Islands

Although we are surveyed for 18 passengers we prefer a little style and comfort for our guests.

Passenger numbers are held to a minimum to ensure no over crowding and a pleasurable experience. We find 2 to 8 passengers delivers a level of opulence and comfort that enhances the personal touch our staff provides.

MV. Phoenix is female and children friendly with all the comforts of home plenty to do through out the days.

Trips are subject to change or cancellation at the Captains discretion.
Alternative arrangements or vessel may be offered and trips may be shortened and itineraries changed.
In this event, the refund will be based on number of days cancelled.