Research Projects on The Great Barrier Reef Aboard M.V. Phoenix


Bianca Charters has assisted The Australian Institute Of Marine Science in establishing a chain of temperature loggers on the sea floor to examine Global Warming and its effects on coral and marine diversity.


Bianca Charters recently provided staff to assist James Cook University in the study of Tiger Shark movements and hunting practices. A satellite transmitter was attached to the dorsal fin of the Tiger Shark, it monitored the movements of the shark and when surfaced downloaded information such as depth and distance travelled.

Bianca Charters has worked closely with many documentary makers in the filming of various film productions. This one estimated 35,000 turtles across a beach each Day during the breeding season.


Bianca Charters are well positioned to assist in all forms of marine Research. We equip ourselves with a small flotilla of various watercraft and an offshore support vessel, with its ISO Compliant dive provision, and 5000-mile range Bianca Charters will assist in always possible.

Bianca Charters has an in-house design and construction team to manufacture specialist equipment such as lifting frames, winch equipment, fish traps, camera housings, etc.

If you are contemplating research in the Coral Sea, please call to discuss your specialist needs.

Great Barrier Reef

Reaching from, Lady Eliot Island in the south to Torres Straight in the north. There is a huge array of reef chains such as the Swains Reefs, Capricorn-Bunker reefs, Whitsunday Island Reefs. However, the Jewel in the crown is the Ribbon Reefs.

To the north of Cairns and Port Douglas lies a 100 nautical mile chain of coral reefs known as ‘The Ribbon Reefs’. Beyond the reach of the day boats, the Ribbon Reefs, remote location, is home to some of the best dive sites on the Great Barrier Reef. It is undisputed the planet’s most complex and extensive reef system.

Declared a World Heritage area in 1981 and added to the National Heritage List in 2007, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the natural wonders of the world.